Rainy Day

Sitting in this enormous house, as the rain falls outside,
We were stuck in Ben Lomond, but Miller gave us a ride.
As the radio blasts real loud, Trina and I play a game,
We both roll one die, and Trina and I get the same.
We sit and listen to Bon Jovi, singing Runaway,
Look at each other as we think about this wasted day.
I buy my first property, she hands it to me,
I'm going to lose this game, it's easy to see.
I land on Free Parking, and win 5 hundred bucks,
What good luck!!
We find the percent of 2 hundred dollars,
It only takes us almost 4 hundred hours.
My favorite song comes on the radio,
This is going to be one hell of a show!
The game is over, nobody won,
It's back to watching the rain,
Waiting for Mike to come home,
Because he's number one!

Copyright November 12, 1984

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