Here lies Cheryce
Tattered and torn by those around her
ripped to shreds
left with now dignity, no self esteem
her life ended painfully--not physical pain
but pain from heartbreak,
pain from others dumping on her
pain from accusation
pain from severe sadness
pain from no love, no real friends
pain from confusion, out of control situations

I want to go home--please--to sit on my own couch,
Talk on my phone--Walk outside--smell the fresh air.

Help me please, help me, I'm falling ...falling .....into that pit of doom
I just need to get out, I cannot handle the pain any longer, again, I want to die!

The people I befriend are the ones who end up turning on me most.

A little later, now my head spins---- on & on...

Copyright August 22, 1999

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