The world closing in on me,
So many decisions to make.
Too many feelings to comprehend.
I can't relax or be comfortable.
Smoke a cigarette, drink a beer,
Try to relax! Doesn't work, Makes
me feel guilty.
Do I love myself? I don't know.
Do I love him? I don't know
Broken hearts, many tears,
Broken dreams, many fears.
Deep breath, long sigh,
I feel like I could die.
Too tired to think rational.
I just fall and fall and fall......

As the days go by, just stuck,
don't know where, just here,
nowhere special.
More feelings...Too much of everything!
Just write never stop--Write about love, hate.
Who knows, who cares? Mass confusion, Big explosion.
Big world, too big, too much.
Grades fail, classes drop--teachers mad, students mad
MAD WORLD! Time to sleep
go away
time, place, world.

Copyright 1986

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